About The Film

Silver Springs International Film Festival hosted a 72 hour film contest called Jump/Cut Challenge. Each film team drew a card with two genres at 5 PM on Thursday evening. We were then given a Duke Energy cooler as a prop that had to be used in the film, a line “There is a fine line between black and white” that had to be used, a character name “Toni Teffaletti” and a character “Wedding Planner” and we had to film the glass bottom boats at beautiful Silver Springs State Park. From script to final production this all had to be turned in 72 hours later at 5 PM on Sunday evening. (March 16 – 19, 2017). We pulled ‘Romantic Comedy’ and ‘Film Noir’. We chose Romantic Comedy.

Our team, “The Old Schoolers” got together in a large group to discuss ideas. In the process, our director Jason Jacobowitz created a character that we knew had to be in the film. The rest, as they say, is history.